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:bulletblue: You MUST credit me in your artist description. Copy and paste → :devUnicornReality: is okay for me!

:bulletblue: My stock is unrestricted and free to use. This includes
→ dA prints
→ offsite use - with credit if possible
→ commercial use
→ school/college work

:bulletblue: It is NOT to be used to make stock from.


:bulletblue: All free avatars in this folder are free to use on dA and off dA - credit would be nice but not necessary.
:bulletblue: My custom avatars and emotes are NOT for free use or free to edit.

If we all play along everything will be okay. :)

Facebook Love

Name of Image
The Revolution

The Facebook Page for my crochet creations! Feel free to give the page a "like" it'd be appreciated! Also feel free to add me as a friend!


Nurse Phallus

<Mr-Jaunty> 1. Your soul is in your arse.
<Mr-Jaunty> 2. You, specifically you Fiona, have a shiny bum.
<Mr-Jaunty> And 3. Apparently you are comfortable taking your pants off for a gigantic penis in a nurse's wimple. :bucktooth:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`UnicornReality is a much loved and well known deviant who has been instrumental in the successful continuous development of our stock & resources community. Known best of all for her beautiful stock photography, Fiona's vibrant personality and enthusiastic approach to bringing fun into everything she does, has proven to be a daily inspiration to us all. If you are looking for a muse to stoke your creative fire, `UnicornReality should be top of your list. We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for December 2012 to `UnicornReality!
-awarded December 2012

My DA Story.

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:59 AM

My DA journey starts eleven years ago when I first joined. I was fascinated by how people could make colours and lines look so amazing when I could barely draw anything.

Spooky Season by atg

Anorexia by FatinaFaina

Whilst battling an endless fight with the voices in my head, I found DA and the community a great way to escape for a while and talk to like minded people.

I saw awesome art made with photos of normal people. Not super models or famous people, just general every day people. So I wondered if maybe I could be made to look 'beautiful".

Self Portrait by PakinamElBanna

I loved what was made. I loved how others could envision things I hadn't even imagined. I threw myself into the community, wanting to make everyone as upbeat as I felt.
I met people I grew to love, I lost some along the way which is pretty shitty but I still have some of the best friends I'll ever have and a load of friends across the globe. Now that is impressive.

Depressed by Chris-Girl

The dark times returned as life went on. But DA was always my light in the darkness. The people were always there, no matter what the hour or the problem. DA was a community. Not just about the art. It was a huge group of friends with similar interests, we just couldn't all fit in the same room!

I joined dA when I was about sixteen. Now I look back I realise I was a child then. So was this website. It had found its feet but still hadn't really sky-rocketed to the place it is today. I grew, things changed. The site grew, things changed (ZOMG WE H8 THE NEW LAYOUTZ!1!! etc) but DA was always there, always patiently waiting as my homepage for me to pop by and check in. This makes me happy knowing there will always be one place I will feel truly at home, no matter what my location is.

HOPE by No1Believes-Me

On the fifteenth birthday I will then have Warbringer with me. I look forward to introducing them into the magical world of art and letting them see a bit of the light too.

baby---- by myeyesareonfire

(Obviously I will have to censor what they see, some of you are perverts.)

dickbutt by TlMBER

Happy Birthday DA. Never change.



Thank you to everyone who drops by my page for a visit, thank you for the favourites they are truly appreciated. I will reply to all comments I get and to notes that are asking questions. I will also drop by everyone who's watched me to give some love.

Thank you for all the love, stock use and avatar wearing you do! It's awesome and it is not unnoticed. :heart:


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

Oh hello there.
I am not really a unicorn despite all my wishes. I dye my hair too much and like to have everything covered in a fine layer of glitter. I can often be found in cake aisles touching the produce or looking at baby clothes and sobbing softly. I have an odd obsession with collecting gas masks and this has led me to be ready for the revolution, whenever that will be. Soon. Soooon.
I also enjoy moustaches. On men. Though I wish to grow one myself one day.
I spend too much time on the internet.

I also like the Human Centipede too much. Far too much.

Name of Image

What flavour baby do you think I'll have? 

73 deviants said One with a vagoo.
36 deviants said One with a peen.

Free Avatars

Free Avatars

Rabbit - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityHeart Pile - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityDoor - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityOwl - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
White Tiger - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityFennec Fox - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityLove Shower - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityLove Hug - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityPage Turn - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Cat Balloon II - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCat Balloon - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityToast - Free Avatar by UnicornRealitySun and Cloud - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCat + butterfly - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Fox Hearts - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityMoon Nap - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityMoon Balloon - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCauldron 2 - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityThe Tree - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Nearly There - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityTree Topper - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityMushroom Fairy 2 - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityBalloon - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityHas Stocking by UnicornReality
Fairy I - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityHold the world - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityFire Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityDew Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCauldron - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Magical Carrot - Free Avatar by UnicornRealitySparkle Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealitySparkle Fairy 2 - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityAcorn Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCat Glomp - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Mushroom Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityFrench Fairy - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityFirst Flight - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityQuack - Avatar by UnicornRealityBat - Free Avatar by UnicornReality
Roar - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityCat in the Sock - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityFox Avatar - Free Avatar by UnicornRealitySee you in heaven... by UnicornRealityWish upon a... - Free Avatar by UnicornReality

These are some of the free avatars I have made. For more please look in free avatars folder
I am not currently doing custom icons. Sorry. :<


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